Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Bonjour Amis--Hello Friends
We want you to familiarize yourself with our nicknames. Mom dubs Lily, "Punkin' Pie, Baby Girl, Sweetheart and Little One." When Lily is acting up, in a stern voice mom says, "Liliana!" This usually causes Lily to laugh and run. She is something. Now for me, mom calls me "Little Boy" than corrects herself and calls me "Big Boy, Sweetheart, Ben – Ben, Benny Boy and mommy's little Piglet." (we snort) When I am in trouble (hardly ever) I am referred to as "Benson!" Lily and I have names for mom too. "Mommy, hey Lady, mother and mama." If we're mad we usually say, "Hey."

Life is Good
P.S. I am a solid 30 pounds like a tank, Lily is a feminine, yet buff 23 pounds.


  1. Young Benson! It is terribly impolite to give a lady's age or weight!

    Your mamma will tell you the same thing. Probably you owe Lily a biscuit for that faux pas!

    Best wishes,
    The Frog Princess

  2. Wow!! You guys are built!! I'm only 6 pounds!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Diego Dog

  3. Yea, we're buff. We just come that way. I am pretty sure my 2 paws weigh 6 lbs.

  4. You are both adorable! My Mom has a bunch of names for me too. It's funny!

  5. Moi? Did I mention Lily's weight? Oops


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