Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Weather

I am grateful we live near the coast. The joy I experience when the breeze brushes up against my face. But what happened! Last night I tossed and turned. It was quite warm despite the ceiling fan being turned on. Where oh where did the breeze go? In my room we have this white box that makes noise. I am not sure if it is another fan. Mom said it is an air purifier, whatever that is. I tried biting it but it's too big to get a good grasp. Anyway, I woke up to see Lily lying on her back with her legs in the air and snoring. I am pretty sure I was sleeping like that too. I always wondered why we sleep in crazy positions. As far as I know I have never seen a human sleeping like that. I do know they snore though. According to the weather blog, it will be a bit cooler today. Oooo La La

Oh no! I guess I fell asleep like that while watching Animal Planet.

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