Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunny Sunday

and the caption is......

Lily (& Edward)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chef Sasha Made It Big

We were driving in our car and look who is in front of us!!!!!!!!!

She is obviously doing well since she was driving a Rolls Royce!!
Lily & Edward

Friday, March 27, 2015

let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleeping Dogs 

Lily and Edward the frenchies know all about being dog tired! Did you know that there are many different ways that dogs can catch some Z’s? There’s a lot more to it than passing out in a favorite spot, at least. 

The sleeping patterns of dogs are similar to humans in that they both experience cycles composed of various phases. Canines, however, have shorter sleep cycles than people do, so don’t be surprised if your pooch sleeps a good deal longer than you! Unlike cats, who don’t reach deep sleep and can always be roused, dogs have phases of rapid eye movement, or REM, during which they are totally unconscious save for brain activity. Cats, on the other hand, still have active control over their  hearing--you may even see their ears swivel or twitch while they sleep.

Because dogs spend so much of their time sleeping, identifying a specific sleep space for your pet is an essential part of the many steps necessary for ensuring good health. Some owners have their dog sleep in their bed; for others, this closeness with their animal isn’t as comfortable. Because dogs are pack animals, many will want to sleep with you or a member of the household; if you have a larger breed, or just want to keep some space between you and your pet at bedtime, there are several other popular options, too, like doggie beds, crates, or outside shelters.
It’s important to establish a sleep routine for your dog. Canines sleep for about half their life, but they are descended from hunter companion animals, so they will waken (and be less apt to sleep in general) if there’s activity around them. It’s important to let your dog sleep, and coordinating your pet’s sleep times with your sleep schedule make the most sense. Schedule feeding and walking times around your dog’s main sleep block.

Giving your dog regular exercise is the best way to make sure that your dog will sleep through the night. If you’re concerned about bad behavior, the best way to ensure your dog won’t chew on items or get into the garbage while you’re asleep is to make sure your dog has gotten the chance to at least go to the bathroom before bed, although a full walk is in both of your best interests. In addition, one should note that a lack of activity will cause a dog to sleep more of the time on average.

Once you decide a sleeping area for your dog, stick to it. Your dog may become confused if you change its sleeping spot frequently. It may be harmful if you allow your dog to sleep in your room before ultimately relegating it to a different area of the house by itself.

definitely know how to snooze--do you? Check out the following infographic for more facts and figures on doggie sleep habits:

Thank you Mr. Sloan for your submission

Lily & Edward

Sloan McKinney is a journalist based in Southern California. After writing about pop culture for a number of years, she has recently begun writing for a new audience. Inspired by DeAnthony, her cat, as well as her dog Max, Sloan now hopes to help other pet owners guarantee their animal companions happy and healthy lives.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pissed Off

I truly get pissed off and I have no problem turning my butt right to you mother.
I'm famished...starving....

(& Lily)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stinky Wednesday

My baby stinks
Lily (& Edward)

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