Thursday, December 1, 2016

French Bullevard

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This post is about French Bullevard Handmade Dog Accessories . I am being compensated to help  spread the word about the new and exciting items, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. French Bullevard is not responsible for the content of this article.

Kumi is modeling the unique jewelry.

I absolutely love this store.
The collars/jewelry
on this site are absolutely stunning!
If you want to look mah-valous
or quite dapper
you need to shop at
French Bullevard.

*******About the shop*******

"Our beloved furry friends deserve to celebrate unique moments of their lives with distinction. Why don’t they have the best treatment in terms of fine jewelry? Don’t they celebrate birthdays or holidays? Don’t they need to be dressed to impress? Our adventure was born with the idea that our companions are more than dogs, but family members. We want the best for them and have a strong desire to give an exceptional look to each and every beautiful creature you share your life with.
French Bullevard proudly handcrafts each piece of its jewelry in New York City with devotion and love. It is a special tribute from us, to them in a graceful and elegant manner.
Thank you all, because you never stop loving us .

Born in New York, in Manhattan’s iconic neighborhood of the Upper East Side, our brand has ambition to capture the original spirit and essence of the beauty of pets by attracting attention while remaining classic, unique and discreet. French Bullevard is a daring combination of modern and glamorous inspiration allied to a hint of classicism borrowed to the legend of the European Renaissance, a symbol of elegance and good taste.
These pieces of jewelry are hand-picked, hand-made and designed to sublimate the look of your fur friend. We thrive to remain creative by constantly updating and creating new collections, lines, and items to compliment your pooch’s wardrobe.

We source all our raw materials in New York City, and consider the Big Apple to be our life-sized playground offering endless inspirations thanks to its diverse and spectacular scenery."

Downright classy!!
Thank you Ms. Jessica for giving us the opportunity to spread the word about these unique handmade items.

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Lily & Edward

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You Rocked Our World Easy

This picture was posted on Murphy & Stanley's blog

Run free friend. 
So sad and heartbreaking 
Lily & Edward
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