Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our Eyes Are Important #BayerExpertCare

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EYE see you....BOL
I'm a jokster too.

"ExpertCare Eye Lubricant Drops help support moisture and lubrication of the eye surface in dogs. The drops are specially formulated with cross-linked, modified hyaluronic acid to support lubrication and minimize potential dryness and irritation."
When my eyes get itchy from allergies or a change of weather
the drops took away the redness as well as the itchies!  
So far so good.
Mom is a stickler for our health and wellness and watches us like a hawk.
She tries hard to prevent any eye or ear irritations because it may lead into infections or other more serious issues.
A big concern is to prevent me from scratching my eyeball when I am itchy. We had a friend who scratched his cornea.
Since sissy Lily had "dry eye" and needs a prescription medicine
mom thought this product is essential for my eye balls.
The eye drops are easy to apply 

(I close my eyes real tight when she puts them in) BOL
For conditions when eye lubrication and moistening may be of benefit in dogs, as recommended by your dog's veterinarian.
1. Carefully remove cap from bottle.
2. Place 1 to 2 drops directly in the eye. The natural movement of the eyelid will distribute the gel over the eye surface.
3. ExpertCare Eye Lubricant Drops should be applied 2 times each day or as eye lubrication is needed. If condition persists or worsens, discontinue use immediately and consult your veterinarian.
4. To avoid contamination, do not touch the tip of the container to any surface.
5. Replace cap securely after using.”

We only needed the drops two times.
The perfect drop that works!

By the way,
remember on December 7
we talked about Bayer
we have been using the product as directed.
It sure takes out a lot of wax gooky build up when mom wipes our ears with the cotton ball.
Thank you
we are very satisfied with these products.

If you are interested in BayerExpertCare Products
they are available at 

Our opinions are no way influenced by being compensated for this post.
Our opinions are honest and our own.

Lily & Edward


  1. Yes indeedy our eyes are the mirrors to our souls we must take good care of them. Currently mom's are giving her a fit...itching obviously she should not have gone on that dusting binge....she is using drops and taking benadryl
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Lady is trying to imagine having to put drops in our eyes. If it ever happens, we will make a movie about it!

  3. We cocker spaniels know about eye problems! Our Miss Ginger had lots of eye trouble. So far, Joey dog and I have been OK in that department. Joey gets some nasty ear infections, though. Thanks for the advice!

  4. That's good to know about the eye drops. Kilo's starting to have issues with her eyes so that's next on my list to try with her. I love Bayer's products!

  5. It is also good that they are preservative free! A must for human eyeballs, so I apply the same rules to products I use on my dogs! Cheers, Karen and The Three Amigos

  6. We have lots of medications at our house for our eyes, sometimes mom says she needs a second job.
    stella rose

  7. We totally agree! You gotta take good care of your eyes because they're the only ones you're getting!

  8. Good information! We don't see this covered in many posts so we are glad you did!

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Glad those drops are helping with the dryness.
    Dip and Elliot x

  10. Very good review! We take eye care very seriously! As part of my puppy contract, I had to go see a Board Certified Ophthalmologist when I reached a certain age. Our breeder wants to make sure there aren't any genetic eye problems being carried in the line. Cam went through it before she joined our family. Anyway, I got a GREAT bill of eye health, but boy, howdy - was that a lot of having to hold still! I had two students, two interns and the Optho at KSU look me over. They all said I was remarkably well-behaved for such a young girl - and especially for a Siberian Husky. Mom said I did everyone proud! Ha ROO!
    Yours sincerely,

  11. I am so glad you found a good eye drop! Extra eye care is so important for many breeds.


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