Monday, November 17, 2014

Doctor Visit

So here I am the other day...
Fatty stayed at home with a bone stuffed with peanut butter
(mom snuck it to him, I'm not suppose to know)
I hear my name.
Should I tell the Doc-ula associate I'm in here?
Over here woman.
Your the doctor!
Oh my word, I think I am older than her.
Where is she taking me...
Hey mom, it was nothing.
Hope you didn't worry.
I'm alive!!

My bones are healing.
Back in three weeks.
 maybe to get my bling removed
Lily (& Edward)

Pee S.
Yes, I am walking pee peeing and
pooping with no problem.
I am now down to 6 meds


  1. Lily you should be in the Guinness Book of record for the most bling in our back! Sometimes you haf to think creative to get in that book. Glad you are feeling betters.
    stella rose

  2. Actually Lily, I think you are doing extremely well after such a major surgery. Hopefully you will get off those meds pretty soon.xxxxoooooo

  3. Yu have yur own zipper rite down the middle o' yur back.

    That's a bunch o' meds huh? So glad yu are gettin perkier.

  4. So happy to hear you are doing well!!!!! Kisses.

  5. I'm so glad to read this! Well done, Lily!

  6. Yeah, well done Lily, keep up the good healing work
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. You go gurl, just keep kicking butt and get betters and betters.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Good for you!!! (and mama) You need that bling removed before the holidays!

  9. WAHOO!!! We are so happy you are healing so quickly Lily!! Hope you get that Bling removed (although it is pretty!) on your next visit!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. I knew you'd heal like a champ! Glad that the pooper is working (and your back too). Life is easier when your pooper works.

  11. Still sending you lots and lots of healing loving thoughts babes.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X
    er, do you still want me to send you over the cat and his paw :-) X ?

  12. Keep it up - looks like you're healing well. I'm glad to know the ol' poop factory is all back to normal. Luckily I haven't had to deal with any major surgeries; it doesn't look like it's much fun. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

  13. You are such a brave girl Lily. Well done, hope you are feeling much better soon.
    ps, we think you should have got the peanut butter bone for being so good ;)
    Dip and Elliot x

  14. you will be the new and improved you in no time

  15. Wow, you are very brave! Hope the healing continues!

  16. Lily darlin' I know you cannot dance right now so I'm doing a Happy Dance for you. What wonderful news...we have everything crossed for bling removal.
    Lots of hugs madi your bfff

  17. Keep it up, dear Lily. You should get your own 2lb jar of peanut butter for this effort.
    We don't like seeing you like this, and send our hearts to your mum. Xxx

  18. Wow, that's quite some bling! Sending healing thoughts your way.... xxx

  19. Sounds like you are healing well! keep it up!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  20. What great news, Lily! We continue to send you lots of healing vibes!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  21. Pawsome! Keep taking good care of yourself!

  22. It is Pawsible that Squirrels ATE our furst comment...

    We are SO thrilled to hear that you are better... Lily you must be the
    Dog ula's Favorite and Bestest Patient.

    WAY TO GO... Dear Lily

  23. Way to go Lily and we hopes you got a peanut butter bone when you got home. Healing purrs and <3

  24. We are glad that you are healing well! Did you get our message that we needed to know what would be the best pressies for Edward? Do NOT tell him we are his Secret Santa!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. We are so very glad you are feeling and doing better Lily!! xox

  26. Yay!!! What great news! Paws crossed you continue to heal up so well.

  27. Oh Lily, you look FABulous gurl!! I hopes you feel all betters ASAP! I am sendin' you tons of POTP!!
    Oh, and I hopes you got a bone with PB when you gots home too!
    Ruby ♥

  28. Lily thats just some awesome news.....and the back is looking good!

    The Mad Scots

  29. So glad you are behaving yourself so you are healing.

  30. Lily you are looking terrific!!! Just look at you! Keep healing and getting stronger and stronger. We keep saying positive thoughts and prayers for you.

  31. That sounds like a terrific report, Lily - bet it made your Mom smile a great big smile!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  32. looks lie your doing better, lots of hugs

    retro rover

  33. Wow, you must be going through ton of pill pockets. Is your mom getting extra air miles for all the drugs?

  34. I'm amazed that she's allowed to pick you up like that. After our dog Cadi's back surgery, we had to be sooooooo careful for soooooooo long!

    Lily - Is Edward really fat? I just have to ask because you used to call Benny that too - and I always thought he looked svelte!

  35. You go girl!! Keep up the rapid paced healing!

  36. ONLY six meds....BOL! Sorry, we're laughin'.

    Glad you're improving, and hope you got a peanut butter bone when you got home!

  37. Glad everything is alright. I do hope it continues like this for a long time.

    Lily has adult old people's needs in meds. Never have I seen a collection of bottles that many before...

  38. Lily I'm so happy you're healing up well - soon that bling will be gone and you'll be able to properly try on that new pink dress you got!! WOO HOO!

    Hugs, Sammy

  39. Hi Lilly!
    Ohhhhhh Bless your Heart!
    You are looking very happy even with all that bling in your back, I will keep sending you prayers, power of the paw and healing thoughts. Peepees and pooping standing up sounds great, I wish I could do that, I used to do it when I was little! I'm lazy! I cant believe how many pills you are having you should be rattling when you walk! Crazy! I hope you feel better soon, love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  40. So glad to hear that you are doing better, Lily!
    We've been praying ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

  41. OMD Lily you're home! Sorry we have been away but you look good, except for the zipper down your back, mom had one just like it! And she is walking me and playing with me so I hope you'll be doing the same in no time! Love Dolly

  42. I am so sorry you are not feeling well! Looks like you are a brave girl to be taken into the other exam room without your mom! I hope you feel better soon! Those meds look expensive! Also, I love your new banner up there! Did you design it? LOL
    Also, I'm sorry I haven't commented in a along time but I do comment quite a bit on Facebook!

  43. I feel the same way when I go to the Doc-ula -LOL! I'm really glad to see you are healing nicely & that you still have your sense of humor!
    Extra Love & Biscuits from
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe xoxoxo


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