Monday, November 25, 2013

My Buggy

Here we are riding along in my buggy.
Enjoying a beautiful day.
Mom swore she would NEVER be a buggy lady.
But due to my back and knee surgery, she gave in.
I usually walk as far as I can, 3 miles.
Then in I go, plus it was a very warm day.
French Bulldogs like me, overheat very easily.
Then here comes Nosey walking her Lab.
Mom smiled.
Nosey: Shouldn't she be walking?
Mom smiling: We already walked a few miles
Mom thinking: Ah, mind your own business.
Nosey: a dirty look
Mom smiling: but thinking HBO word.
Don't judge me if you don't know me


  1. hahahaha that's the best, to think (but not loud). I like your buggy, Lily!

  2. I would like the same buggy, Is not it, maman ?

  3. Hey, I think that's a great idea... to walk part way, and ride part way. You and Mom are both getting exercise. Filing this away for future use!

  4. You tell them Lily!

    I'd call it a chariot cos you're a princess! :)

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Yes! that's it - take the high road - no need ever to be rude :)

    Marina and my grumble of pugs

  6. Some people can be rude......we think you did the right thing and shouwed her what being polite is all about :)

  7. Hahhahah. Just proves you never know someone's story so don't assume anything.

  8. Wow Lily, 3 miles seems like a pretty long walk and a well-earned ride in the buggy! I wouldn't worry too much about people and dogs who say otherwise.

  9. Lily, 3 miles is a GREAT walk, especially with your back and knee stuffs. How dare that Nosey ask such a rude question. If I was there, I would've terrierized her and her big butt dog for you.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. That is more than I walk everyday - you are amazing Miss Lily. And Nosey should just keep her comments to herself. Humph. Go Lily!

  11. I like your buggy and I think it's great you walk for 3 miles-that's more than us!

  12. I love your buggy Lily! How else would you get to enjoy the great outdoors when you get tired?! I used to think like your mom too but lately I've been researching bike buggies for Zu, lol. :)

  13. We love your buggy and want to go for a ride in it. We just can't figure out how to get there.

  14. Ha HA!! Love it Lily Bug... We get smiles and giggles when we are seen... Buggy's are AWESOME Lil... We have a red one like yours and we have a BIG blue one, it's actually a stroller/trailer... "Ma" can hook it to her bicycle if she wants and take us for a ZZZooooom... Love

  15. Lily, you are such a cute baby in your Buggy :) Squeeeeel xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Nosey should be glad Mom didn't say, "MYOB, you HBO Word!"

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lily and family; I hope your turkey's outstanding!

  17. We think you're lucky, Lily! We'd take a free ride any day if one was offered to us!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  18. Your buggy looks pawsitively Lily-lovely!

    Critter Alley

  19. Lucky Lily have a beautiful time

    Welcome to join my blog

  20. my Mom not only THINKS "HBO words" she SAYS "HBO words" ALL of the time! She is also going to steal that saying from you lol. Some people ARE just too nosy aren't they?

  21. Hey your cute, kinda like a hollywood star, you can ride!

    The Mad Scots

  22. I wish they made those for big doggies. I can't go for walks because of my disk issues, and I reallyb miss just getting out and about!!


  23. I love your buggy and wow it's pawsome pink!
    Your a rock star Lily.

    xo Cinnamon

  24. That's a pretty spiffy ride Lily.
    Sue B

  25. Good reminder. Your mom should have made Nosey feel bad by saying something like "She can't walk". Lee and Phod

  26. Nosey needs to know her audience. You go girl!!

  27. BOL...Mama says kudos to your Mama for not saying the HBO words out loud!! Mama is not sure if she could have.....silly Nosey


  28. Oh Lily
    I love your buggy- its beautiful and looks like fun! You must feel like a queen! We are happy you have it,,,, and the nosy person needs to bud off!

  29. We have a buggy too...It looks very similar to yours...except ours is is the Happy Trails Model. It drives me absolutely nuts when people give us "the LOOK". Due to spine and knee injuries, I have been very thankful for the buggy! It is also a blessing when we go to the vets sometimes as nerves get the better of both of the girlz!! You did better than me though...the HBO words would have just spilled out!! :)

  30. LOL you have a Nosey? Ha ha love mum smiling whilst saying HBO words in her head. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  31. Lily, your mom has your back. That's my kind of style.

  32. Great buggy Lily!! You are really rocking the style over there.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  33. Oh Lily I just LOVE your buggy......Since I have arthritis my Mom says maybe it's about time to get me one too. I still go outside on my harness but I don't get around easily. I think that Miss Nosey should mind her own business - maybe she's just jealous because she couldn't cram that big old Lab of hers in a buggy even if she tried to!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  34. My Mama got me the same stroller 1 year ago. I'm 12 years old and i can only walk about 1.5 miles then i get in and we go. That kind of stroller is the best!

  35. Oh we had to read this twice cos mom thought it was so funny about the hbo and nosey....i ride in my stroller sometimes also, cos you know lily you and i are alot alike as far as heat and cold bothering us, but i also walk, people look at my mom like she is crazy and i am lazy....creeps.
    stella rose

  36. Oh Lily, they see you rollin' they hatin'!
    Love Frank xxxxx

  37. Pffft to rude people thats what I say Lily your chariot looks awesome,xx Speedy

  38. Good for you, Lily!! You look like a queen in her carriage! :)

  39. Only three MILES??!! We never walk that far at one time. Love your carriage. Do you have the royal nod?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  40. I love your buggy! Three miles is a long way to go!

    I agree about the not being judgmental thing. I have a bad hip, so I know!

  41. 3miles?. Wow!With your hip and knee you deserve a bit of a ride. Your mom is so good. We line that not being judgmental of others!
    Ernie and crew

  42. Very nice. We happen to know Dip would love one of those but we are pretty sure they don't have them where we live and Mum wouldn't dare be the only one to have one anyway, BOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  43. Mama thanks God there is nothing wrong with me ... but I have my own stroller and we use it all the time. People do ask what is wrong with me and mama tells them "NOTHING - she just likes to ride"! BOL

    3 miles is a long way ... I want my stroller after 1/2 mile!

    Love, Zoe


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