Monday, November 4, 2013

I Got Brother

On Halloween,
I visited my BFFs
and brought Chubby home.

Pee S.
I realized he had chubby paws to fill.
He wrote our blog and Facebook.
Suddenly, I am in charge.
I was only use to being in charge of the entire household.


  1. So sweet!! I'm sure Benny is super proud of how well you're doing Lily!

    Big hugs

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. Lily what a treasure to have Benny's pawprint with you furever.
    I bet he left you lots of inspiration in that chubby paw print.
    Just do like Benny to us from your heart!! We will listen!!
    Hugs Madi your Bfff

  3. What a wonderful pawprint, Lily. I think Benny left his pawprints in all our hearts.

  4. I'm glad you got Benny back home with you:) He does have some chubby paws to fill but I think you will a great job Lily!

  5. I'm glad you have your Benny back home now. And don't you worry about being in charge of the are doing a fabulous job, my dear.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  6. It's good that Benny is back home. We included him in a farewell to furfriends collage in our blog post yesterday...we will miss Benny. Lily, we know he will be guiding your paw in writing this blog and we'll love to read your stories.

  7. Oh Benny came home. I remember going to get my beloved Half Pence, I brought him home on what would have been his 13th birthday. I would have given years of my life if God would have let Penny live. Penny got me through a Mom with Alzheimer's and a Dad with an incurable brain tumor besides being my registered pet companion.
    Lily I think you are doing a marvelous job.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Special little Penny

  8. Glad Benny is home with you. I remember bringing my Squeaky home. Many emotions. Hugs and purrs to you.
    Sue B

  9. It's lovely Benny is home where he belongs. Big Hugs to you all xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Lily - I think you are more than up for the challenge of the blog. And Benny will always be your guardian angel helping you along.
    Love Noodles

  11. I'm glad he is home where he belongs.

  12. Woo are doing a PAWesome job!

    Of khourse, don't furget:

    GIRLZ RULE!!!!!!!


  13. it's a big pawprint to fill - but you can do it :)

  14. Big paws to fill Lily but you're doing a fine job...Peace to you

  15. You are doing an awesome job, Lily! That is one very special pawprint ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. You are AWESOME Lily... We Love You!!!

  17. Lily that is so beautiful! That is so special! Your brother is with you always xoxoxo

  18. Don't worry Lily! We all love you too! There can never be another Benny, so don't worry about filling his chubby footprint. Rock on in your own Lily-style!

  19. A bittersweet moment getting that paw print. Thunder's made Mom smile and cry at the same time. Lily, we are sure that your brother has trained you well and will be looking over your shoulder to guide you along the way.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Glad Benny is back at home with you and your mom.
    I am sure he is very proud of your work!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  21. So glad that we can remember Benny.

  22. I know how hard it is to bring home your brother. Keep snuggling with your mom. And, don't worry, you're ready to step up to the blog and FB - I am sure of it.

  23. We just know you will be able to fill Benny's paws, he will be looking down and helping you along the way!!

    Dory and her Bro's

  24. a hard day, yet comforting to have your Chubby home where he belongs.
    We love the paw print, a beautiful idea we have not seen before.
    Lily you will do a wonderful job
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  25. Lily, you have learned from the Master, you will do fine!!!

    The Mad Scots

  26. The biggest job: taking care of your mom- butt we know you can do it!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  27. Lily- you are walking along side your brothers footsteps perfectly---
    You can always lean on him- he will hold you up!
    Thank you for the love you have been sending to Tweedles- we are so grateful
    tweedles mommy

  28. We agree Lily ..... you learnt from the master. We too love the paw print. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  29. What a beautiful keepsake... You're doing a great Job Lily. My peep loves seeing your pics and posts on Facebook.

  30. We are glad that Benny is home with you. We know that he would be very proud of the job you are doing Lily. xo Chloe and LadyBug

  31. Aww....what a nice paw print from the big guy.....I'm sure he's going to be a big inspiration to you as you fill in as blogmistress in your house!

    Hugs on Tuesday, Sammy

  32. Oh Lily. I'm so sad for you but also thinking what a lovely keepsake of sweet Benny. Lily you will do a wonderful job as head blogger. Have a happy Tuesday,
    Your pal, Toby

  33. Aww Lily, what a nice memory of your Chubs. Those are big paws to fill but there is nobody better to do it than you!

  34. you are doing a furry nice job Lily!! we is glad that Benny is home where he belongs

  35. Lily I think Benny knew he would be leaving you in charge of Momma, the blog and facebook, I bet if you look around the house he left you clues of helpful suggestions cos you know he was just that way. We miss him alot also, Lily.
    Stella Rose

  36. They are very big pawprints to fill, but I know you can do it. Benny was able to go on to the Bridge peacefully because he knew he was leaving his family and furiends in very good paws!

  37. Benny did haf pawprintz butt we Beaglebratz just knowz that he will b there tue guide u an'tuegether u CAN git it dun!
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  38. We're glad that Benny is home, right where he belongs. We are keeping him in our hearts forever and you and your Mom in our prayers.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  39. Howdy Lily, we're glad Benny is home too. He'll watch over you and make sure everything goes smoothly. You will do a great job. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. How wonderful the pawprint is.

  40. We are glad he is home where he belongs. We are sure you will do a great job at filling his chubby paws. Lee and Phod

  41. Don't worry Lily,you're doing great and you are up to the job,see you in a couple of weeks,xx SPeedy

  42. I got a special paw print when my sweet Sissy went to doggie heaven, I have it hanging by my computer in my home office, some times I cry when i see it and other times I don't

    I was really rooting for Benny
    and now hoping Lily is a happy little girl and can recover from her loss of Benny very quick

    xoxoxo to all at Benny's house

  43. Lily you are so Wonderful. We know that Benny is VERY MUCH PROUD of you. He taught you well.
    We are so glad that he is home with you now. THAT will help.

  44. I got to thinking about Bennys pawprint. That pawprint is on all of our hearts too--- and looking at it- is like finding a jewel in sandy sea shores, its a real treasure.

  45. Oh how lovely. You will have his pawprint forever and he will always be in your hearts.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x


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