Friday, November 1, 2013

A New Chapter

We comfort each other.
It's so difficult at times without brother.

Thank you again for all your tributes, donations, kind words, support, emails
.....yes, it is overwhelming in a good way.
We seriously can not believe how difficult this is for us.
We see Benny every where...
But we need to keep the "smiles contagious"
for you, me and the
Two French Bulldog blog...
Mom worries about me cause I am so sad.

For example,
+  I won't eat sometimes but when mom says,
"Benny wants you to eat. You know he loved food."

Its weird cause I immediately start eating.

+ Now I lay in all of Benny's favorite places.
the list goes on and on

So friends...
Benny will forever be in our hearts
I loved him with all my hearts.
Run free little man with all your Blogville friends

Lily and momma

Pee S.
For all of you curious on donations etc...
Benny's bills totaled $18,622.05
Go Fund Me donations: $10,014
Green papers received: $505
Mom paid: $8103.05

I want to send out the biggest hug to all of you
I will FOREVER be grateful


  1. Oh Lily & Mama, our hearts too are still breaking and we're trying to keep a stiff upper lip butt that doesn't work too well. We know that Benny will forever remain in our hearts and is watching us from The Bridge.

    We can't even imagine how difficult it is to lose one of our 'heart beats.' We've never experienced that loss before. We pray that when that time does come that we can face the world with grace like you are.

    We love you and will always be here for you. That's what furends are for!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Love you Lily and Andrea. It is a new chapter and you two are very brave. Thank you for sticking with us, sharing your news and feelings even tho it hurts sometimes. We will always remember Chubby.

  3. Andrea and Lily, our hearts are so sad, but we will think of Benny and laugh, too.... it will get a little easier as the days go by...

  4. We wish you great courage as you continue to grieve for sweet Benny-we're sending positvie thoughts your way...

  5. Andrea and Lily:
    We do know how you are feeling because almost a year ago we lost both Angel Trudie and Angel Sammy. It broke our hearts into a million pieces and momma said we just didn't have that much crazy glue in the house, we both went through lots of emotions after that, and we had good days and not so good days. I think everyone finds their own path after a loss two legged and four legged. We all do that in our own time.
    We miss Benny also, but as we have said before we have been truly blessed by knowing him.
    Deb, and Stella Rose

  6. My heart is sad. I think of Benny often. Please stay strong. Love to you both, Andrea and Lily.

  7. We are so sad for you and it must be difficult to see Lily so lost. Love and hugs from us across the pond.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. It is always difficult to lose someone you love and might be even harder when you are fighting so fiercely to keep them for awhile longer. Our hearts go out to you both. Benny will never be forgotten. You have each other and perhaps you need a little distraction to help you get through this. Maybe if you are not ready for another member of the family you might foster another doggie? My pawrents had their hearts broken and kept waiting for it to heal. But 5 years later it was still not healed until me and Stanley came to heal it for them.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. So heartbreaking.
    Benny fought such a good fight - we're so proud of him!
    He'll always be in our hearts!
    Hugs and lots of love ~
    Stewey and his mom

  10. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and your mom, Lily. Our hearts just bleed for you. We miss Benny too.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. It just takes time - the pain never really stops - it just hurts a little less over time and eventually all the good memories will burst forth and make you smile more than cry. We miss Benny and we are sorry you couldn't see the dogville video (it won't show up on an Ipad for some reason) try this one cause we have the Benny and Lilly Barkery (Bakery) in the little town....we knew he loved food :)

  12. Oh sweet Lily!! it is so very hard to lose a beloved family member. I'm so glad you and Mom have each other to cuddle with and can talk about Benny. Mom and I surely understand and hey we'd love to see Angel Benny come around every so often. Benny was a fun loving boy...and he would surely want the fun to continue in his honor.
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  13. Dearest Lily and Miss Andrea,
    We are all so PROUD of you both. We DO understand and we are HERE fur YOU with comfort and care.

  14. Lily you have your Mummy for proper cuddles,you have angel cuddles from Benny and you have the whole of you extended family right here in bloggville giving you cuddles so keep being the fun loving girl that you are cause we are all right here with you,big cuddles and snuggle from your distant fur cousin Speedy xxxxxxx

  15. Oh we all LOVED Benny and he will never be forgotten. Our hearts go out to you Andrea and Lily. I know how you feel as we put pur 18 yr old Poodle Sprint to sleep 3 months before we got Jazzi. You can heal but will never forget and you have wonderful memories and Benny would want you to carry on. Jazzi helped heal our pain.and has brought Happiness back again. We are more than Happy to stand with you during this time.

    Diana and Jazzi

  16. M dog Oso went through the same thing when his best friend of 14 years, Estrella, passed away. But with lots of love, company, and comfort, we both got a little better. Sending lots of love to you, Lily.<3

  17. Even though we don't really know one another... I hold my Facebook family very close, especially the French Bulldog Facebook family. The first thing I still look for is any new posts/pics from you all and new blog entries. My eyes well up still as I miss him so... it is SO weird... I have a heart for animals but I feel as if I had lost one of my own... THAT is how much love I hold for Benny & Lily... I worry about Lily but I know that you, Andrea, will keep her close. I know the two of you will help each others get through this... We are here with you as well. Love to you and Lily... Love, Lisa Jersey Blaze

  18. Andrea and Lily, our hearts ache for you .... having been through it.... hugs to you both!! I hope with time it will get a little bit easier. xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  19. Benny will never be forgotten by the many, many people who loved him. He lives on in our hearts also.

    We'll all be here for every step of your new road.

    Hugs & love,
    Pam & Oskar

  20. Oh Lily remember that Benny will always be there watching over you and your family...he remains in the hearts of so many

  21. That is so sweet you are taking care of each other. Benny is with you and watching over you both.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  22. You know Lily and Mom we out here in Blogland have lost beloved animals so we all know and we all feel for any family that is going through this!!!!! it is a painful time.
    Love and hold Lily a lot!! Talk to her no-stop....... Remember you and Benny and Mom are on our minds!!! We all love you!!

  23. I know how hard this has been on ya'll. Some days feel like they will never end, some days you just want to sit and cry, and even some days you are angry. Just know that we are all here to help you through those tough can lean on us and each other for support and comfort.

    Puddles and mum

  24. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all for a little less pain and a little more healing with every day that passes by...

    Dory and her Mama Beth

  25. Take care Lily because Benny would want you to ~~~ be strong and cuddly especially on all of Benny's favourite spots!!!

  26. The wonderful thing about blog friends is that we understand. Keep each other close and although it is so hard now the time will come when the smiles will come more often than the tears. We think Stanley & Murphy had a great idea about maybe fostering until you might be ready to bring a new family member in to your hearts.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  27. (((((hugs)))) I am not eloquent enough for appropriate words, you and Lily are in our hearts.

  28. A loved one is best honored by the life we lead after they are gone. Benny was many things to us all - he showed us how to find the fun in things. His legacy is the fun you will eventually see in living life to the fullest.
    Love Noodles

  29. It will take a long time to stop seeing him at every turn, but you have to go on and give Lily extra loving, you both need it.

  30. Hugs and purrs to you and Lily.
    Sue B

  31. Last Saturday I met a Frenchie puppy at Starbucks, and then as I was driving home I met another one on a walk! I felt like it was a sign!

  32. Aww Lily I know this must be a very difficult time for all of you. What a sweet picture of you lying next to Benny's cape. Sending hugs to you all. xx

  33. We don't know what to say, but we know exactly how you feel. We are still stuck in the same spot over Thunder. They say time heals, but time is moving very slowly on this one. Lily, hang in there, you still have your loving Mom and she needs you now too. Mom, just keep remembering the good times.

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  34. Nola did the same thing for nearly a month after Charlotte died. Getting Phoenix helped her hugely, but sometimes she'll see a toy that Charlotte loved and just sit with it for a while or she'll watch the other three dogs play and I swear she's wistful.
    It's so hard to be in this position, but it does get better with time. Sometime, maybe not soon, but sometime, you can look back and smile and be happy there were with you instead of being hurt and sad and angry that they're gone.
    So much love and hugs to you,
    Nola and family

  35. You know we love you. ((HUGS))
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy & The Slimmer 4-pack--George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  36. It *is* hard, so very hard. I think a big part of healing is letting yourself feel how hard it is... Grieving is grueling work, for all of you. But, taking care of each other must help - mom taking care of Lily and Lily take care of mom. I send you hugs and lots of love. A boy like Benny will live on forever in the hearts of so many that he touched.

  37. Dear Lily and Peep,

    Sending more hugs. I know each one helps. Lots of hugs for your both.

    It just takes time (lots of time) and hugs (lots of hugs):-))

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier Princess

  38. I still get sad whenever I think about Benny too. Makes me appreciate the fact that my chi's are healthy so much more! {HUGS}

  39. Oh Lily......I think you see Benny everywhere because he IS everywhere - he will forever be by your side and your Mama too. Our spirits go on and on and Benny had such a HUGE spirit he will always be there with you. I know it has to be terribly sad not having him there to play with and go for walks with. We hope that in time it won't hurt so much.....we really do.

    Love and hugs, Sammy and Mom

  40. Oh Lily, we know exactly how you feel. When Loki and Gemi died, those left had the same reactions. Still 2 and 3 years later, it still happens occasionally. We know about broken hearts and pain and want you to know, it will get better. Lady says she remembers laying on the floor of the shower (she found showers the saddest place for some reason) wondering if her heart would ever feel anything but pain, and you know what, most of the time it smiles. She knows it will forever have that sad twinge in it, but we go on, and carry those we loved with us. Hugs to you. Lee and Phod

  41. Oh Lily we know you miss Benny. We wishes there was something we could say to make it better. It gets easier but you will always miss him. Sometimes more then others.

  42. Lily,
    Even though we didn't know Benny that well, we're still really upset, but I'm sure he's watching over you!
    It's just lovely to know how close you were, and sad to see you t like this! Don't forget, all of Blogville sending you big cuddly hugs, and us too!
    Have a good week,
    Pippa :)

  43. We'll miss reading about Benny's adventures but know he's watching over Lily and Mom. Take care!

    Critter Alley

  44. Lily and Mom, you are so sad I know! But it is so heartwarming that there are people all over the world who care for you!. Run free sweet Benny xx

  45. Oh, lots of tears as I read your posts. I know all too well what you're going through. It does get a bit easier over time as all the great memories you've shared replace all the sadness at the end. Sending you lots of love and hugs :)
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco
    PS It's taken me 10 months to change my blog design... I think it's time :)


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