Friday, September 17, 2010


I would like to introduce blankie.
Only cool guys have blankies since birth.
I call him Red.
My legs are very long under Red.
I let Lily borrow it only on special occasions.
Do you have a security blanket?
Benny (& Lily)


  1. Hey Benny!

    Pippen has a security pillow! and it's a pink heart! Someone came to visit us once and used Pippen's pillow by accident and he sat and stared and growled at them until they handed it over!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. Don't tell Pippen I ratted him out...

  2. I do I do! Its even in my little picture over there to the left. I loves it to death but I share with Lincoln.


    Minnie Moo

  3. Ben
    Sure looks like you and Red have a really good relationship!! I bet Red makes you really comfy to sleep good huh?? Oh I have a ton of blankets in my bed and guess what?? They all have scotties on them!! who knew?? BOL


  4. Cool blankie! you and Red are the best of friends I see! I have a blue blankie but I am not as close with blue as you are with red!

  5. Trixie had Bear until we got Minnie. Bear is in parts now, and Trixie will not touch it. It has Minnie slime on it!!

  6. That almost looks like your pajamas. Our pooches don't have blankets to lay on; Miss M just uses Mr. B instead.

  7. I used to. It was my favorite, but I eated it. Don't do that. If you do they take you to the V-E-T and do *bad* things to get it back out.

    Then after they got the pieces out they didn't even give them back to me! That was the last time I saw my special quilt that my human grandma made me.

    Nubbin' wiggles,

  8. Ciara has a really pretty pink fluffy one that Stella's mom made for her. But we boys just have our furs to keep us warm and comfy. Maybe we need a red one just like yours.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. I have lots of blankies. Mom bought 3 packages of baby hooman blankies for me wnen I first came home. So I think that they are all my favorites!

    I do like your studley red blankie though!

    woo woos, Tessa

  10. Red looks great on you, Benny. No blankie for me but I do have a double fur coat.:)

    Teddy Bear

  11. Mostly I just share Mom's quilt! On one side it's pink with little dogs all over it. It's great for curling up under on cold winter days!


  12. nope all the security blankets have been eaten


  13. I sure like your red blankie. I don't have one, but I do LOVE my beds. Even tho I'd rather sleep on mamas bed with her! ;-)

  14. Hi, Benny!
    I know how important is to have a favorite blankie!
    Mine is an orange one and I have had it since my first day at home!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Definitely your colour Benny! And since I've been away, you've been brushing up on your French I see! You must be fluent by now.

  16. My favorite blankie is tan, Benny, which is a very boring color compared with your pretty red one!

    Love ya lots,

  17. benny,
    your red blankie is awesome! i have a blue fleecy blankie. i like to gnaw on it, too, cuz it gives me the comforts. it has some little teeth marks on it. :)

    the booker man

  18. Only macho guys have red blankies. I have several, but I'm not macho. I'm a wimp that gets terribly cold. I have blankie-spots all over the house. Our cat Bob, has his own, it's called M's shirt BOL


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