Friday, January 29, 2010

Calling the Dog Whisperer

Dear Mr. Cesar Milan,
You are not going to believe this. It was a big mistake. Very big. I was screaming, right. Screaming and yelling at the big white doggy that is so old he could barely walk. Me and Benny don't understand why I scream at senior citizens. But I do.
Mom took your advice Mr. Cesar. She made her hand like a mouth….like this….
She poked me in the neck area like you said. To simulate a bite. This is where the trouble began. It caught me off guard, I turned and yep….you got it. I made my cute little mouth like this……..
And took a nip.
I wanted to run for cover. When I realized it was momma, my little heart stopped going pitter-pat. I looked at Benson.
He looked so scared his eyes look like a Puggy. Big….
My bones, my stuffies and my two years passed before my eyes. So Mr. Cesar, do you have any ideas how I could train momma not to ever scare me again?
See momma on the right?
Thank you,
Lily: aka: diabla, Liliana, Baby Girl, Sweetie, Sweetheart
(and Benny)


  1. Hang on a sec -- you're afraid of big dogs and momma tried to stop your barking and you got more scared and turned around and chomped on her?

    Just trying to help, Lily - I know all about dogs who are afraid of things. The best thing for momma to do is to actually keep you from having to interact with the big doggies for a while - she can let you be near them, but no sniffing or playing with them - and, if you're food motivated, feeding you while you're around them too. Scolding you for barking will not help the issue - it only makes doggies more scared or more pumped up!

  2. AWWW, your poor Mom, you got her by mistake. I'm sure you didn't mean it.
    That is what you little guys are suppose to do, bite if your scared. It has happened in our house too!

  3. Holy Cat Crap!!! Your mom got in a picture with CEASAR????? wow WOW WOWIE !
    Oh, I guess that isn't the point, is it. Umm, Lily... watch what you put in your mouth... germs and whatnot.
    Geee, your mom got her pic taken with CEASAR??? WOW! Did she get his PAWtograph? Where was this? Did she get to sniff him??? Did he go CH at her? Why weren't you and Benny in the pic?
    I'm all greeen with jellyness. YOUR mom got her pic. with CEASAR! I'm just sayin'.

  4. Your mom's hair looks funny in that picture.

    I agree with Marge. You need to try and stay away from the big doggies until you can learn calm behaviors. I have issues when I go out too. If I see a stranger or something I get all stiff and barky and then momma gets stiff and barky and I get even more scared.

    Momma practices eye contact skills with PeeWee so she is able to make him look at her and walk away (usually) when something scary is approaching.

    Good luck little guy.


  5. Yikes....maybe Ceasar should come for a visit and show mom how to use her hand and not get bit, too. Mom should have been a little faster.
    Woofs and Wags,

    PS: Don't be afraid of us big guys. I prefer little friends. My favorite doggies are little ones, yet I weigh 125 pounds.

  6. Your mom's hair looks like our mom's hair. Do you secretly live here in Kansas where the winds apparently make every day a challenging hair day? Ha roo roo roo!
    I know you didn't mean to nip your mom. Not all "corrections" work in all situations. Maybe your mom should carry really tasty treats and if you see a senior and start yelling, she could tell you to sit and be calm and then give you a treat? We respond better to positive reinforcement than negative corrections. Maybe you would, too!
    Just an idea!
    Tail wags,

  7. your face in that one picture is quite scawy
    we are quite spooked, we would totally wun away from you
    wiggles and waggles
    the houston pittie pack

  8. Ouch! Poor mama. I'm sure you didn't mean it. Bake her some cookies and she'll be fine. Cookies ALWAYS work with me.


  9. Oh poor Mom, we are sorry we laughed cos we know it isn't funny really.
    We don't always agree with Mr Milan - well lets face it he doesn't know us or you come to that.
    Bailey barks at old men - we know why. She was rehomed with an old man for about a year - it was a disaster!
    The old man thought Bailey was difficult and aggressive.
    Any kind of aggression from the human gets an aggressive reaction from Bailey so best avoided - we use treats and reward good behaviour.
    When she sees an old man and starts growling mum immediately pulls her lead so she cannot look at the man and gives her a treat!
    Of course I dont understand any of this cos I am never nasty.......
    Saint Martha xxx

  10. You didn't mean it, sometimes we just get excited and forget good manners. I don't like other dawgs much and when I see one out walking, I forget to pay attention to Mom and then she gets all mad and stuff.
    We don't have any advice other than what's been said already. I think maybe you should just look extra cute and she'll forget all about it.
    Your pal,

  11. Dear Diabla, you do realize you posted this right next to your Pup Scout badge? Oh, boy! Some dog whisperers have bad ideas. I mean, he started it! He taught your momma how to make her hand like a mouth, after all. My furiend, tsk tsk. Be good now. No breaking skin ever again.

  12. Oh dear... So sorry Lily. This was a doggie senior right? not a people senior? I knew a sweet labbie who would get very upset at senior people. If it was a doggie senior and you were upset about his size, Moose says that big doggies are chicken hounds and you don't need to be scared. I don't know about that cesar. Obviously what he does works for him but not sure about regular people getting it to work. Hmmm. I agree with Mango's suggestion. a strong and reliable 'watch me' can go a long way in keeping a situation from escalating. She must be barking out of fear so I think the watch me also reminds them that you are there and will protect them. Anyway, hope your momma is ok and has forgiven you!

  13. Yikes - talk about a moment of indiscretion... My mom has tried some Cesar thing on me too, think I'm immune to them! The bite thing doesn't really faze me, and just TRY to flip me over and keep me on my back!! I get super-doggy strength & could push a semi off of me if I needed to! You better go suck up to your momma, pretend to be a nice couch-potato-y, snuggly, syrupy-sweet (aka "boring") Frenchie for a few days! And no more elder abuse, OK?

    Brutus the Frenchie

  14. Oh your poor Momma - hope her hand is ok.

  15. We vote woo put that CM guy in a toybox and sit on the lid...

    I know your mom KNOWS woo didn't mean it -

    I think lots of khysses and khuteness will help woo khover it -


  16. We know you didn't mean it.. I was just a scared reaction..
    No sleet so mom went to work.. arg.

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. Thank you for all the advice. I will train mom to carry cookies. I can scream with cookies in my mouth but I will try not to. Yes, the senior was a doggy.

  18. Hi, Lily!
    Ouch! I am sure you did not do it on purpose!
    It was just a reaction!
    Give your mom kisses and hugs from us, ok?
    Take care

  19. OMD Lily are you sick? You have to be VERY careful you know, humans do weird stuff, we're not supposed to smell their butts and you have no idea the stuff they put in their mouths! I think you should go to the vet and get checked out!

    My Mom says that she agrees with Sam though, but she's human, what do they know?

    Watch what you bite, Tessa

  20. I think you were just caught off guard, and you did not mean to do it.
    I say kiss and make up.

  21. I am sure that after that incident that your Mom will be more careful not to scare you mext time, SOmetimes Moms have to learn the hard way, just a fact of life.
    She will make up with ya, just smile!!


  22. We just know momma will forgive you soon!

  23. OOPPPPPPSSSS.......
    Poor mommy!!!!
    Hope her hand is ok!!!!!!!!!
    we know you didn't want bite her!!!
    It was just a reaction because you were scared!!!!!
    But you will have much more confidence with all the things that made you sooooooooooo scared baby!!!
    Paco have lots of fear of people wearing hat because we was beaten from one person with hat!!!!
    Mommy have done lots of work with him biscuits each time he saw a person with hat....or distracting him with something he loves.....or soemtimes being a little strong with him (telling NO!!!! or STOP!!! and being angry with him for a little if he didn't stop to bark or growl!!!)....
    BUT now he's ok!!!!
    And he don't give attention at people with hat!!!!
    You and your mommy needed only to find your way to defeat your fears!!!!
    Good luck baby!!!!
    take care of your mommy and give her a big hug and sweet licks from us!!!

  24. We know your Mom's hand was just in the wrong place at the wrong time - it happened at our house once too - Mom's wrist got in between Carrleigh's teeth (Carrleigh was trying to get Lilly in between her teeth!) Anyway Mom had to go to the people Vet and take antibiotics (YUCK!!) for a week. She still has a scar and Carrleigh still hasn't been able to get Lilly in between her teeth.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  25. Gee Lily, what is it about white dogs??? I always bark and screech at white dogs too! Doesn't matter the size, big or small they make me crazy. Still, bitin' your momma's hand is a no no. Hopes you apologized with lot's of kisses.


  26. Oh no! You have to respect your Seniors, Lily! You're going to be one yourself one day, ya know! We're sure that your mom has already forgiven you. Moms are sweet like that!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. Oops! I'm sure your mom knows that it was an accident.



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