Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommas Back & So Are We

Hi friends,
Momma's back everybody...we sure did miss reading all of your paw prints. We had so much fun with Annie and her family. We got treats, hugs, walks and we played and played. Momma has been doing laundry all day. She said it was beautiful on that island with hula girls and pineapples. She sat us down and told us all about the adventure. 
It's called Kauai. On that island mom said roosters and hens run wild. How crazy is that!

What next.. a Harley Davidson dog. The adventure continues.... kayaking on the Wailua River and the breathtaking Waimea Canyon. Sure sounds fun. But like mom said, an airplane is not a place for us.

We learned the people on the island have a funny way of predicting the weather.

Mom brought us presents of course. I got a cool bandana. It says "Big Kahuna."

I was cracking up, Lily got a tee shirt. "My family went to Hawaii and all I got was a lousy t-shirt." 

There were fish going crazy for food and a silly goose sitting in the middle of them. A huge ship was leaving port and heading back out into the ocean.

Enjoy the rest of the photos. Later gators
Benny & Lily


  1. WOW, it looks beautiful! Glad you had a nice trip! Your new follower! Deborah

  2. We're glad that your mommy is home again. Nice pictures and we luuuv your t-shirts!

    Luv ya,

    Riley and Star.

  3. Furry nice assortment of pikhs!

    I told woo she'd bring woo pressies!

    PeeEssWoo: That weather predikhtor is akhtually a lot more akhkhurate than many other methods!

  4. So many great pix! Mom has photographed a similar sign to the coconut-weather one somewhere.. She can't quite remember where - but it must be in the photos somewehre.. BOL!


  5. Prezzies are great!! Glad you both got a prezzie! Pics look wonderful, but I think your mom's right -- an airplane is no place for you two. I think hanging out and getting treats and playing and visiting is just pawfect for you!

  6. Glad your Mom had a pawesome adventure and now she is back at home!
    You got nice presents!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Cool shirt and bandana! Thanks for sharing the vacation pictures too.

    Wags & wiggles,

  8. Thank goodness you got prezzies alright! Tee shirts - how cool!
    All those photos looked lovly and like a fantastic time. but I am sure you would not have had a good time over there. I am glad you moms home now

  9. Gorgeous Pictures!! Awesome Pressies guys!!!

    Welcome back to your Mama!!


  10. Sounds like the momma had a great time!! Glad you two are back =)


  11. Hi
    Glad that everyone is back and that you had fun where you stayed. The shirts look cool and so do the pictures, they are very pretty.
    Welcome back


  12. I'm glad your mom had a great time and sounds like you did too! :) Mom and dad love Kauai, they said they may want to live there one day. Did your mom see me wagging my tail when she flew over Oahu?


  13. I am so glad your Mommy is home safe. The pictures are beautiful. My Mommy has been to Hawaii a few times and she really enjoyed seeing the pictures. I hope everything can get back to normal now.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  14. I think mom was missing you since she brought home such nice pressies. Always good to have a big adventure and then come home where it is safe and familiar.


  15. looks like awonderful vacation - congrats - sure the pups are happy you are back

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  16. Sounds like mom had great time, you two also! Those are some great presents our mom almost bought the big kahuna bandana for swisher but she got one that says "Just throw me the damn ball"

    Lots of licks--
    oak and swish

  17. It looks like your mom had a great time! What fabulous pictures and the best part is that you guys got pressies!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. It looks totally gorgeous!! I am glad she is back though!


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