Thursday, August 6, 2009

Toys, toys and more Toys

Bonjour friends,
Would you like to meet our babies? They come in all shapes and sizes, petit, moyen et grand. Lily loves her keys, our tiny tennis ball and her white baby doggy. She had her baby since she arrived at the house. I love all toys but mostly my Nylabones. If I hear the sound of a food bag or if I smell food, I grab the nearest bone and waddle through the house. I could throw it in the air. When I do that, I startle myself. Lily usually takes off with it. It turns into a chasing match. If we want the same baby, we call it a tugging match. We really do love our babies. There are never to many
Benny & Lily


  1. Lily, honey....that sure is a spotted belly ya got! Does Benny have one, too?

  2. hey i just gave you an award.....have a great weekend

  3. Benson, you're a kindred spirit! I lurves my nylabones too. I gotsa get Momster to get me a couple more cause I only have one left!

    You all look SO cute with your babies!

  4. Mon Dieu! We want to play connect the dots on your tummy!!!! That would be waaay more fun than any of those toys!!!

    Happy Friday!!!


  5. That's a lot of toys you guys!!! Toys are my fave, especially the stuffy kind.

    You guys are really cute, did I ever tell you that?


  6. Momma says that she just loves Lily's spotted little belly!!!! And she think that Benny is so very handsome. You have lots of babies to play with. I'll bet you guys never get bored!!!

    Happy Friday =)

  7. Stuffies SO ROCK!!! Lammie is my favorite stuffie (and baby) now, we go everywhere together!!


  8. I love Nylabones too! :) You have lots of stuffies! I love stuffies too, but they don't last very long...I can usually tear them apart in a few minutes. :)


  9. I love all your toys, especially pink piggy! I love Nylabones too. When I was a puppy, I put my soft Nylabone inside my Mommy's fireproof safe where she keeps all her important stuff. It was safe in there for almost three years until a few months ago when mommy found it...I have to look for a new hiding place now...:(
    Frankie the Frenchie

  10. I love my toys too, although Brutus always wants the toy I am playing with. I love your little spotted belly!

  11. Hi Yoda and Brutus,

    Blooger is acting stoopid and not updating my furiends list again so I missed this post til now. Arrrgh!

    I have favorite toys too. Banjo doesn't have a fav, he just always wants the one I'm playing with. Brat!

    Wags & wiggles,


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