Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Collage

Remember we went to see the doctor? Lily still has the itchies. I am hoping her medicines will help her. Sometimes I wonder what's on her foot since she likes licking it. I wonder if it's a flavor. I don't have any flavored feets. They taste regular. To get her mind off of her itchies I had her help me make a collage of pictures for all our friends and followers to see. Hope everyone likes it as much as we do. It's all the way on the bottom of our page. Mom said it looks like a drive-in movie or something like that.
bonne nuit amis--goodnight friends
Benny & Lily


  1. We LOVED the movie!
    It was just missing one thing - POPCORN!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Great collage!

    Hope Lily gets better soon!


  3. enjoyed the movie.......and how's Lily today?

    TQ for visiting and don't be jealous....that necklace is mum's bracelet and she wanted me to bling to irritate this one person who was on her for spoiling me ....

  4. Hi friends!
    I watched your drive-in movie - sooo cute! I love the pic of Lily about to TP the house and your beach pics especially.
    Lily - I think we are sisters from different mothers?! I was born May 17/07, I am an athlete, and I have really terrible itchies too. I am going to the vet tomorrow for my annual check up so we will have to figure out how to fix my itchy problems again.
    Hope you are feeling better now!

  5. Such a fun collage!!! Benny, it is very nice of you to worry about Lily. If her itchies are like Madie's, they mostly go away in the winter time. It's when she's out playing adn rolling around in the grass that she gets the itchies!!! Hope Lily feels better!

  6. Woos! What a cute collage of pictures, the baby dog pictures were so cute, even had a few cats thrown in, I like cats!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. Awesome collage!!!! Yeah, where's the popcorn???

  8. What a great collage!! I also have flavored feeties...Mommy makes me stop licking them all the time, but they just taste SO good!!!

    I hope Lily's itches go away soon!!

  9. Tink has a flavored foot sometimes too! We must really be missing out on something. We wonder if they taste like chicken?

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  10. Enjoyed the movie collage! Brutus must have flavored feet too because he is always lickin' 'em. Mom put some bitter tasting stuff on his feet to keep him from licking them ALL the time - something about bitter apples. Hope Lily feels better soon.

  11. very cool collage - hope her feeties feel better soon - wood has feetie issues too

    Woodrow - Sweetie & Sherman

  12. Hi Benny and Lily,

    I hope you are not as itchy today Lily. We loved the drive in movie. Very cool!

    Wags & wiggles,

  13. OMD - my mom loves French bulldogs! She is so not allowed to look at your blog.

  14. Thank you, merci, merci for all your nice words. How did I ever forget popcorn? Probably cause mom eats it all.
    Benny & Lily


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