Saturday, July 11, 2009


Lily and I took a break out of our day to read the new issue of Dog Fancy. These lil critters are pretty cute. They are called miniature Schnauzers. It sounds like they are from Germany. I am going to look for a baby picture of Lily. I bet my Lillian is a bit cuter!
Lily and I wanted to say welcome Lola!


  1. aw thanks!! I relaxed all day today as well. I bet lillian is way cuter too! Her face is just so cute. OH my mommy wanted to know if you pups can swim? She said she heard that french bulldogs can not swim...not that it really matters anyway I wish I couldnt swim hah!


  2. Before I moved in, Lily had a birthday pool party with her friends. We never tried to swim but we sure do like playing in the water. I have to admit, we never tried going in water above our ankles.


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