Monday, July 27, 2009

Doggy Sitter

Hey everybody.
We have a doggy sitter. We call her Shana or "hey lady." She has been Lily's sitter since she was 4 months old. She made a real stamp for Lily before I arrived. She is a very nice human person. She takes us for long walks, gives us treats and plays with us when mom is not home. Some say we are spoiled. Once in awhile her son comes with her. He is little and very cute. He giggles and throws all our babies (toys) around or he throws our ball. We love kissing him. When we stay at his house for a few days, Lily steals his socks and runs like a little maniac. She hides under the bed until she is caught. We have so much fun.
Ayez un jour heureux -- Have a Happy Day
Benny & Lily


  1. It is so good that you like your sitter and sounds like so much fun when you go to her house.

  2. you guys have a great day too and thank you for being so kind to mum who is better today. '

    equal kisses to both

  3. It is really nice to know that your sitter loves doggies and you two :)
    Lilly sounds so adorable with her acts ^_^

    When mommy search for a new sitter, she always makes sure to hire the true doggie lover

    Maltese paws


  4. Nice Dog Sitter Nanny Ladies are the best that spoil you are the best!!!


  5. Hi Benny & Lily,

    It's great you have such a nice and caring sitter. I bet her and the little boy love having you and Lily stay over, even when the socks are missing!

    Wags & wiggles,

  6. We wish we had a doggy sitter like that. It sounds like you have a great time with her. don't hide too many of her socks though.


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