Fav Post

I will have 1 Big Mac
87 pieces of cheese
a kids meal for my Lily
a large fry
a bowl of water
87 pieces of cheese
4 cheese burgers with extra cheese
3 hamburgers with cheese
2 apple pies
7 scoops of Mc Vanilla I Scream
1 Mc Rib hold the sauce
and a coffee for mom

What do you mean you are only serving breakfast!
(& Lily)


  1. Yes.
    Yes - one of my favorites as well.
    I just love how he always says " my Lily "
    And I love how he didn't like wet feets.
    And I love how he was a chick magnet.
    And I love how he chilled with Annie discussing bad livers.

    Love ya Benny Boy,
    Marina, and my grumble of pugs.

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  2. Oh, Benny...you still crack us up.
    We miss you.

  3. Anonymous comment was accidentally deleted- the comment stated that Glogirly did a good job with the blog design

  4. that was such a good one! They all were! xoxo

  5. I have this posted on my door at work as this is my favorite too (my co-workers like it too!).

  6. Yes! Love this one!

  7. Miss you sweet Benny and love this one!

  8. Love this one!!!!
    Beny Hats off to you

  9. I still miss you Benny. McDonald's was my Cocker Spaniel, Benjamin's favorite places on the planet.

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